Hispanic Struggles across the United States

Why do you think some Hispanic groups continue to struggle economically, politically and socially in the US? Is it the language barrier or some other set of factors? Support your opinion.

Second one is (Puerto Rico – A Racial issue?)

First read the article link about Puerto Rico, “The Crisis in Puerto Rico is a Racial Issue.

Discuss this article. First, there is a definitely a political leaning to one direction in this article (I’ll let you figure out which direction). Our discussion will not focus on politics, but rather the history of Puerto Rico, it’s people, and why they are in such trouble after the hurricane.

Answer the following questions:

Summarize the history of Puerto Rico and how racial discrimination may have played a role in the way in which it became a territory of the US and how it’s people were treated.

Do you think the people of Puerto Rico were treated as second class citizens compared to the citizens who lived in the continental 48 states? How?

Is history repeating itself today? If so, how?

What has happened since the 2017 hurricane? Has Puerto recovered? Why or why not?


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