Cinema of Attractions

The following topics are intentionally broad in order to allow you to accommodate your particular interests; therefore, you
must narrow them down in order to provide your essay with a specific and argumentative thesis statement that can be convincingly pursued in the space available to you.

Topics :

1. Realism or montage? Kracauer or Eisenstein? Which comes closer to articulating the essence of cinema in your view? How and why?

2. Tom Gunning suggests that the Cinema of Attractions is characteristic of both early cinema and contemporary cinema—how and why? What does his idea tell us about some contemporary film?

This is not a research essay, so no source other than our textbook is required.(Textbook: Critical Visions in Film Theory) However, your selections from our text plus the films that you examine must be included in your bibliography. Your essay and its apparatus—including its bibliography, references and endnotes—must be formatted according to the MLA Handbook. Tightly structured and argumentative essay to proceed via the support, discussion and interrogation of a close reading of the primary theoretical text or texts.

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