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QUESTION 1: Based on this week’s reading and powerpoint, as well as your own experiences with understanding the assessment process, your final discussion question is:

What will guide your decision to make use of either a standardized or an informal assessment method with a client?

Please be clear in addressing your decision-making process and explanation. Include your own personal experiences or observations from the class discussions and assignments as you explored different situations and assessment processes. Also include your own perspective about the pros/cons of the different assessment types when thinking about your chosen clientele.

QUESTION 2: I will attach the word document for it. Please I have named the document as ”Final Test Presentation. docx”

Please note that this assignment is worth 100 points and it is also my final project,. Kindly try your maximum best to score high scores on it.

QUESTION 3: I will also attach the word document for it. Please I have named the document as ”Assessment of Giftedness-1.doc”. Please do answer all the questions fully.

20191204065317final_test_presentation (1)

2019120406532313_assessment_of_giftedness_1 (1)




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