legalization of marijuana.

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The job is to research the topic, find a part of this topic that interests you, decide on a position you wish to take on it, and craft a paper that supports your position. You must incorporate a minimum of five sources, as discussed below. The paper should include, among other things, an accurately formatted Works Cited page.

This research should include no fewer than five sources. Four of them must be from the JU database. At least two of those four should be scholarly sources. From there, you can use the internet or find more database sources. Just make sure those internet sources are credible.

Write as if your reader needs to be educated about this topic.

Offer a strong title that reflects the argument you’re making.

Write an opening paragraph that catches the reader’s interest and sets up the paper.

Craft a strong thesis and place it in the expected position for a thesis (end of the first paragraph).

The content, including thesis, must be argumentative.

The heart of the paper should be a conversation with your sources.

You must use at least one quotation per body paragraph.

You must include at least two summaries or paraphrases, and these should come from at least two different sources.


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