Leadership Philosophy Assignment

Students will complete a “statement of leadership philosophy” that will act as either their final exam or an important paper in the class.Their statements will range from 3 – 5 pages.Statements must address each of the following components.

1) Answers to any two of the questions from the list below which uses specific terms, concepts, ideas and quotations from the readings, class discussions, class activities and lectures to support your response.

Is leadership an art or is it a science?
Are leaders different from managers?
Can there be good and bad “leaders”?
Does leadership even matter in a complex and changing global environment?
Do followers get the leaders they deserve or create?
Can we predict who will emerge as leaders?
Can leadership be learned?
Is leadership an end state or a continual process?
Are leaders born or made?
What is the primary function or job of a leader?
What metaphor or simile best captures the essence of leadership?
2) A discussion of how their understanding of leadership was challenged, changed, or enhaced as a result of the class discussions, lectures, activities & their readings for the term.

3) An assessment of their leadership strengths & weaknesses in light of the material covered in this class.

4) A discussion that clearly specifies how you they plan to personally apply the materialcovered and the insights they have gathered from this class.

Leadership statements should be creatively & professionally packaged.They should demonstrate clear and specific references to terms, concepts and ideas from the readings.

This assignment does not need a reference


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