Book: Discipline and Punish

The paper consists of at least two parts. You have to summarize the whole book (not just a chapter), and you have to find one (only 1!) point you disagree with, and critique that point. I discourage anthologies (books that are just collections of essays) because they are difficult to adequately summarize. You’re certainly welcome to write more than 3,000 words, but 3,000 is the minimum. Tangentially, there is no limit as to how much of your paper has to be review and how much it is your critique. It could be 60% review, 40% critique; 10% review, 90% critique, 99% review, 1% critique, etc.

-Lastly, you can drop out of this project at any time, no penalty or questions asked. If you email me a topic/book and you find that you are swamped with school/work, you ditch the project and there will be no issues with doing so..

Book choices:

1- History of Sexuality
2- Discipline and Punish
3- Archaeology of Knowledge
4- Birth of the Clinic
5- The Order of Things
6- History of Madness

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