Contributions of the modern philosophers to political theory

Essay Options: all the essays must expose the theory of the mentioned author (s), as well as the student personal opinion, supported with several reasons. You need to cite at least one of the authors studied in class.

1. What contributions did modern philosophers make to political theory? (Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau. Compare at least two)

2. What critiques does Wollstonecraft to Rpusseaús education theory? Which of the two philosophers do you agree with and why?

3. Berkeley insist that to be is to be perceived. What problems arise from this axiom? Does he successfully resolve them?

4. Hume and Descartes have different conceptions of animal reason, explain the theories. What is your personal opinion?

5. According to Kant the human mind is structured so as to think phenomena successfully. Why is it unable to successfully think noumena (and what are noumena)?

6. According to Descartes, the true idea of God is of a being which contains all possible positive attributes. What does this mean? Does the ontological argument prove that God exists?

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