Counseling Military Families

Lynn K. Hall

  1. Over the past eight weeks, we have discussed all the aspects of starting a military career and serving in the military and have looked at resources available when one leaves the military. Service in the military takes a large toll on families and the members. We have looked at such issues as PTSD, deployments and separations, single parenting, domestic violence and sexual assault. What are your thoughts about the current military system? What would you change?

post needs to be at least 10-12 sentences of substantive information, written in proper APA format


  1. Evaluate the different treatment possibilities for PTSD and the families’ role in helping support the service member (Pages 223-230).

Assignments should be 2-3 pages in length, utilize Times new Roman, 12-point font, and double-spaced text. They should be formatted using APA style, cite borrowed material correctly, and include a reference page. The author/textbook should be cited at least three times per written page as follows the proper APA citation for Hall is **(Hall, 2016, pp. ##)**.

Pages 223-230 Attached below

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