Explain why are they significant and how they influenced Early Western History?

Early West Civil

Section I

Directions: Be able to identify each of the people/objects/places/terms/events below. Explain why are they significant and how they influenced Early Western History?

The Justinian Code
King Alfred
Pope Gregory I
King Alfred
ibn Sina
The Council of Nicaea
The Vulgate
Civitas Dei
Charles Martel
Theoderic the Ostrogoth
Carolingian Miniscule
Le Chanson de Roland
The Venerable Bede
Hagia Sophia

Section II

Directions: Be prepared to answer the following questions. Answer the question completely and include some discussion of primary sources, where appropriate, to support your answer.

Why were the Saxons and the Franks able to establish kingdoms that lasted longer than many others?
Do you agree with the statement that Constantinople was a second Rome?
Write a diary as if you are a monk. What is your daily life like? Describe the people and places in your environment.
Discuss the central tenets of Islam and its early development.
Compare Celtic and Roman Christianity.
Why is the reign of Charlemagne generally considered to mark the end of the Dark Ages?
How did St Augustine influence medieval Christianity?
Outline the major divisions within Islam and its impact upon the early caliphates.
Text Book:

Ralph Mathisen, Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations: From Prehistory to 640 CE, Oxford University Press


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