Unit plan template

5300:420/5500:520: Unit Plan Template

Title: ________________ Grade Level: ______________

I. Unit Overview
1. Summary: short summary of the major content that you are addressing


2. Science practices:Identify the specific science practices from the NGSS that you are addressing in this unit. Your lessons must engage students in developmentally appropriate inquiries where they develop the concepts from observations, data, and inferences. Inquiry can be teacher guided or open ended, but it is not a “step-by-step” lab.


3. How did you connect the unit to students’ personal lives?

4. Students Conceptions: list likely alternative conceptions that students may have. List prior knowledge needed for the students to engage in the unit.

II. Standards: list specific Ohio and NGSS for your unit.


III. Materials and Safety:List the materials needed for your unit. State the safety precautions needed for this unit.


IV. Student Learning Objectives: list all of the learning objectives for the unit. Suggested format: I can ….


V. Formative and Summative Assessments: list the assessments that you are using to assess whether students met the learning objectives/targets.



VI. Interdisciplinary Connections: list the connections to concepts covered in other disciplines (Social Studies, Math, etc).



VII-Identify Community Resources that can be used in your unit.



VIII. How does the unit plan address a relevantsocietal issue or problem?



Detailed Unit Plan Outline (see page 3)

Unit Plan Outline- High Level Planning.
Use this table as a tool for planning the unit. Include objectives, activities, and assessments for each day. For each activity, use additional pages to include details. Make sure you included references!! For example, if you list a lab on chemical reactions as an activity, you can attach the lab details at the end, or include a link to the activity you found online with a reference.

(add more days as needed) Objectives Main Activities Assessments/Assignments
Day 1





Day 2




Day 3





Day 4





Day 5



Day 6



Add days as needed.

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