Film Critique Paper and Debate

At the end of the semester students will preview a movie while in class. Psychological theories, concepts, and principles provide explanations for human behavior in a myriad of contexts. Movies are not only fun to watch, but also provide us with an opportunity to capture human behavior on film. For this assignment, you will watch a movie and provide a psychological explanation of a scene (or scenes) from the film.After watching the movie, write a paper in which you apply four different concepts or theories learned in this course to a scene or scenes in the movie. Your paper should: (1) fully describe the relevant scene(s) from the movie; (2) fully describe each of the four psychological concepts, theories, or principle you are applying; and (3) explain how each concept relates to the scene you identified. It is also possible that a scene violates a psychological theory; if you choose, your paper can also describe how a scene fails to conform to predictions from theories learned in class. Papers requirements; APA format, cover page, reference page, 2-3 pages. The paper is worth 90 points. There will also be a classroom activity in which students (informally) present their applied concepts/ theories in a discussion/ debate format. This is worth 10 points and cannot be made up.

Introduction to Psychology, PSY140.60

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