What can we learn by viewing your television show through this critical lens?

The purpose of this assignment is to apply your understanding of criticism to an actual artefact. The annotated bibliography, production research, and episode notes should help you begin your analysis. They form the background research upon which you’ll base your critique of your television show.(My television show is gossip girl)
1. Choose one perspective from which to develop your critical analysis and briefly explain why you think this perspective is the best lens through which to analyze your show.
2. The critical analysis of your program should be the central focus of your paper. You might provide a dominant, negotiated, or oppositional reading of the television text. You should briefly explain the basic themes, characters, and plot lines of the program, describe the audiences targeted by the program, and develop the socio-cultural milieu of the period during which it aired. How fully you develop each of these explanations will depend upon which critical perspective you have chosen.
3. Choose one critical approach to your television show, then develop arguments from this approach. That is, how does this viewpoint help us to understand the program. What can we learn by viewing your television show through this critical lens? Be sure to provide adequate explanations and examples to support your conclusions. You should also use sources from your annotated bibliography or readings/textbook when appropriate.
4. Attach copies of your annotated bibliography and episode notes to your paper. Your bibliography should reflect continued research. In other words, you should have added at least another 20 sources. These do not have to be annotated.
5. Average 6-10 pages in length.


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