What if I’m tired and don’t have the time or patience for all this?

Putting Academic Inquiry into Context: Choose Your Own Adventure!
For our fourth and final project, you have a chance to either pursue a passion or just have a little fun. For
example, you might consider the “How Can I Be of Service?” option if your third project highlighted a need for
a policy, grant/scholarship, organization, etc…
But what if I’m sick of my line of inquiry and want to do something weird?
You might consider the option to “Analyze or Produce a Hybrid/Multimodal Composition or Artifact”. You
could produce something or take a look at art, memes, etc and explain what is going on that might teach us
something about composition.
What if I’m tired and don’t have the time or patience for all this?
Well, you could do a presentation of your research for Essay 3… but we beg of you… make it interesting
please. There is still a short writing component for this option, don’t forget.
What if I had an experience this semester that I want to share with other students?
It is very much an option to contribute to the College Survival Guide. If you choose this option, I’d like us to
spend some time talking about a format that makes sense and is engaging, but useful.
If you don’t see an option that suits you, please do speak up. We can figure something out! No matter what,
though, you’ll be sharing your work with your peers at the final, so come ready to enjoy everyone’s creativity.
Don’t forget, also, to turn in both the presentation and the composition on Blackboard.


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