Explain the concept of Wu-Wei in Daoism.

Answer TWO of three questions below. Each answer should be at least two pages in length, (i.e., there is a two-page minimum), but may be more.Don’t waste space on extended introductions and conclusions. A couple of sentences for each is all that is required.Answer all parts of the question.1. Explain the concept of Wu-Wei in Daoism. Is it really possible to live your life by practicing Wu-Wei?2. What do you think Kafka’s story The Metamorphosis is about? In other words, what is Gregor’s turning into a bug supposed to symbolize?3. In the Apology Socrates claims that he is wise only in that he knows that he does not know. What does he mean by this? What light does this throw on his conversation with Euthyphro, in the Euthyphro?

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