International Marketing Research at the Mayo Clinic

UseURLS; Footnote clear;

Read the above case posted in NYU Classes—Resources–and prepare your written analysis using the following statements and questions as guidelines:

Challenges and Issues: The Mayo Clinic has been very successful over a century of service in its operations. After reading this case, what do you think are the marketing challenges and problems and/other issues the Mayo Clinic faces in this case? Visit the company’s website and obtain additional, independent sources of information on the Clinic, where necessary

(Maximum 2 pages)

Data and Information for Decision Making

• What kinds of data/information has the Mayo Clinic been collecting over the years on patients?
• Identify any limitations or deficiencies, if any, of the way Mayo has collected or managed its patient and other data/information
• Present a summary SWOT Analysis of Mayo Clinic

(Maximum 2 pages)


Present specific recommendations to Mayo Clinic. In your recommendations, suggest the following:

a) The kinds of data and information Mayo Clinic should collect in its international marketing research in order to upgrade its global patient information. Where would the Clinic find such data?
b) A marketing strategy with emphasis on any aspect of the
marketing-mix the Clinic should focus on in the future.

(Maximum 1 ½ pages)

References: Maximum ½ a page)

The case should be written in no more than six (6)pages (including references and exhibits, where applicable), 1.5-spacing and a 12-font in Word.


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