case review: emergency room issue with children

There is a case study and 4 sections to write about base on that case study. I already found some articles that might help. It should be in APA format. The case study is about a Cambodian boy in emergency room for treatment after injury. He has burn on his leg and nurse notices several circle shaped burn marks on his back. Nurse didn’t ask anything but she informs the physician of the situation.

Yes, I’m going to send you all the pictures now and explain little bi

This is a group project, 2 of the classmate will take care of cultural research and cultural sensitivity and cultural competency. I’m responsible for improving practices and half of policy and legal issues

As a group, we found few journals and articles that we can use for these sections. I will send you these articles and feel free to use different article but make sure you cite and give it to me at the end so I can add it to refrences

For improving practices I want at least 2 pages and for policy and legal issues 1 page so 3 pages in total

For policy and legal issues, classmates came up with their points and mine is left
This is the cultural research that classmate just finished

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