Evaluating a Speech Essay

Step 1 Read the Essay Project 3 Assignment Sheet
Essay 3 Evaluating a Speech 124.docx

Step 2 Complete Writing Tasks and the Outline
Complete all Writing Tasks and complete your Outline, then come back to write your first draft.

Step 3 Write your first draft
Following the guidelines in the assignment letter for your draft.

1. Read the paper

2. Leave in-text comments on the draft:

at least 2 items per paragraph that deal with organization and content

at least 1 item per paragraph that deals with sentence structure and/or grammar

3. Answer all questions on the checklist provided below in complete sentences.

Does the author start his or her essay with a catchy hook? Is the hook followed by background into the issue and introduction of the video?
Does the author clearly state the speaker’s thesis and audience in his introduction?
In the thesis, does the writer argue whether or not the speech/video is convincing to its specified audience?
Does the author address at least 5 rhetorical modes to support his or her thesis (including those specific to speeches)?
Does the writer support each of his or her claims images/quotes/details from the ad itself?
Does the writer explain why he or she chose this particular detail? Does the explanation connect back to the thesis? Does it all connect back to the idea of the video/speech being effective and convincing or not?
Does the writer have a conclusion that restates the thesis and gives a final thought?
Is the paper formatted in MLA and properly cited?


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