Approach to decision making and problem solving

This assignment will help you summarize and convey the key points about approaches to decision making and problem solving.


Express how humans think and make decisions.
Interpret creativity, divergent thinking, and common measurements of creativity.

Step 1: Identify a problem you would like to solve.

Think about the problems you are now encountering or may be encountering in the future. Consider problems about relationships, money, living arrangements, school, career, family, friends, or others. Document your problem by writing a paragraph about it.

Step 2: Research various approaches to problem solving.

Use the information in the textbook and perform research on the Internet or other resources to find multiple approaches for solving problems. Key search terms: analogy heuristic, backward search or working backward, means-end analysis, and algorithm. It is recommended that you conduct research through our Online Library (Links to an external site.) or use a scholarly internet search. Wikipedia is not allowed.

Step 3: Use three of the problem-solving approaches and apply each of them to your problem by creating a 3-4 page essay or 7-10 slide PowerPoint.

Document the step-by-step approach to problem solving for each of the 3 approaches you have chosen (cite any sources as necessary).

Apply that approach to your problem, documenting the results.
Describe which approach your found easiest to use and why.
Did each step-by-step approach come to the same conclusion for the problem? Why or why not?
Conclude the assignment with an assessment on how effective these problem solving techniques were (or will be) on the problem you identified.
Assignment Submission:

The use of outside resources is strongly recommended, and all work must include citations and be written in current APA format.
It is recommended that you conduct research through our Online Library (Links to an external site.) or use a scholarly internet search. Wikipedia is not allowed.

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