How well does your state protect patients?

The 2018 trial of gymnastics doctor Dr. Larry Nassar has shone a light on sexual abuse and misconduct by medical professionals. write a 3-5page paper

1. Choose a case focused on health care-related assault and/or sexual abuse from the background readings or from your own research and provide a brief synopsis of the case and the outcome.

2. After reviewing State Report Cards, provide an analysis of the current state of protections for victims as well as penalties for perpetrators for the state in which your case was located. Address the five main categories of review and be sure to provide specific examples to support your analysis.

State Report cards retrieved from: Datar, S. (2016) State report cards: How well does your state protect patients? The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved from:

3. What are the ethical responsibilties of other professionals (colleagues, medical boards, employers, etc.) who may be aware of improper conduct by a medical provider? Be sure to discuss ethical principles covered earlier in the course.

Some sources to use to help with this assignment……

After reviewing the background literature, discuss the following


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