How is security going to be different in 5 years? While this is your prediction, make sure it’s based on facts.

What are the most prevalent trends regarding physical, operational, or personnel security?  Explain 2 or 3.  Why is this a trend? Include your source(s).

  • How is security going to be different in 5 years?  While this is your prediction, make sure it’s based on facts. Include your source(s).
  • How can metrics be used to persuade executive management to improve security? What metrics are useful and why? [Multiple students may pick this topic. Just be sure to discuss different metrics.]
  • Explain the risk versus cost continuum as if to a novice. How can it be used to ensure optimal security for a facility or data center?
  • Pick an article or blog post in the Security Leadership reading and explain it in your own words.  What tips does the article provide to improve security leadership and how can they be effective?
  • Explain 2-3 techniques for selling security within a company.  This is usually to both management and workers.

Pick one question

Atleast one page

atleast 2 online references

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