Research Paper, final paper

Please follow the instructions

Research Paper, MLA format, it must be 5 pages, essay must be about (injustice)

You will write a research paper of at least 4 – 6 pages (not counting the separate Works Cited page). The paper must use at least three separate sources and each of those sources must be quoted or paraphrased at least one time in your text, properly cited and entered correctly on the Works Cited page.

If possible, include a book source or an ebook source, but given the lack of physical access to the library this is not required. Your sources can all be found on-line but must be from reliable, quality, researched sources, or from a valid website.

Your paper must use MLA (Modern Language Association) style documentation and include a properly formatted Works Cited listing as a separate page at the end of your paper.

In addition to resources you can access through the ACC library website. The Purdue Owl website is excellent. Here is the link. Once you open it you can navigate through scrolling down the content list on the left. I urge you to go to this website soon and explore what it has on MLA research papers.

ou need at a minimum of three sources. But if your paper has four major sections then it’s best to have at least one source for each of those sections.

Once you have all the sources you need then you need to put them into a Works Cited page. This must follow MLA format and style. The ACC library has rules and samples but try the Purdue Owl website. The link below gets you to the overview, but you will see how you can navigate to find details on how to list books, periodicals, electronic sources and others. Due to our limited ability to use the library you may have to rely mainly on electronic sources which includes sources from the internet. So following that section for those is important.

Note in the section on electronic sources it says it is recommended that you add to the entry the access date. This is the date you found and used the source. If you have gone back to it, then use the last date you accessed it. While it is recommended, I want you to include the access date for all your electronic sources.

You must send me your one page Works Cited paper on or before the due date of Monday, July 20. This will be graded. I will send it back to you with any revisions and corrections that need to be made so when you include it in your paper the next week it will be complete and correct.

Once you have a good Works Cited page, then it becomes a matter of being sure each of those cited sources is actually cited correctly in your paper. The key to a successful research paper is correct coordination between you in-text citations (MLA style of course) and the corresponding entry on your Works Cited page.

Be sure to look at the sample Works Cited pages and make yours look the same.

A few notes:

  • The words Works Cited are centered at the top of the page. Do not bold, underline, or increase the font size for the words.
  • Entries must be alphabetized by the first word of the entry.
  • Begin your entry flush left, but if that entry goes past the first line, all subsequent lines for that entry or indented five or six spaces.
  • Simply double space just as in your paper, but don’t add extra spaces between entries.
  • Follow the format exactly in the right order of elements, the right punctuation between elements, the format for dates. All entries close with a final period. Don’t forget your accessed date for electronic sources.
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