Discuss the key competencies that a global leader would need.

Global Leadership

Conduct a review of the literature regarding  Global Leadership characteristics. Search for information about which areas are considered critical and relevant for leaders.

Include the following in your review:

  • Introduction
  • Defining what is global leadership
  • Description about the need for addressing global leadership
  • Discussion on the key competencies global leaders would need. Include a minimum of 5 competencies and support your selections with related references (2 or more references)
  • Describe why they are important
  • Choose one of the competencies and discuss its relevancy from a leader’s perspective
  • Suggestions for becoming an effective leader global leader
  • Conclusion

Paper Requirements:

  • This paper must be 5 pages in length (double-spaced), not counting the title and reference pages.
  • It must include a minimum of 5 scholarly references (journal articles, not less reliable-web sources).
  • Using pronouns will be acceptable given the nature of the assignment.
  • Paper should have a reference section.
  • Paper should also have appropriate headings and sub-headings in the body of the paper (please refer to APA manual)
  • Write transition sentences between sections so that the reader knows where you are going and why.
  • Paper must be written according to APA style and be carefully referenced.
  • Appearance, punctuation, grammar, neatness, and spelling count.
  • Remember the basic requirements (title page, page numbers, 12-point font size, double spacing, indent paragraphs, reference page).

Every assignment must include the FCE title page (found in APA/Writing Resources) and a reference list in APA form and style.

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