How can your own worldviews and cultural background impact your analysis?

Ethics in Psychology

Final Project

Throughout this course, you have studied and applied the APA Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct to a variety of situations. You also have explored and applied at least one ethical decision-making model. You now have the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of one ethical principle in particular, detailing the many things a psychologist must consider.

For the Final Project, you demonstrate your understanding of ethics through a 10-page paper discussing the application of ethical principles to the case study, “Introduction to William Thompson,” which is located in this week’s Learning Resources. William is a member of the Thompson threaded family case study that you work with throughout the AYR experience.

Your final paper (10 pages) should:

  1. Include a thorough and thoughtful reflection of at least one of the relevant five principles from the current Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct. A portion of the paper should discuss not only the general significance of the selected principle or principles, but also how the principles specifically apply to the above case.
  2. Reflect your understanding of the principles through application to the multicultural situations inherent in the case example. You should also include a brief self-assessment of how your own worldviews and cultural background might impact your analysis of how to best proceed in addressing the ethical dilemmas in this case.
  3. Include your ethical decision-making process and model when describing the case.

The paper should be a minimum of 10 pages, in correct APA format, with at least 10 relevant, scholarly citations. (Wikipedia is not a scholarly source and should not be included as such.) Be sure that your references are listed in correct APA hanging indented format.

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