Highlight the importance of communicating disease threats to international authorities.

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Instructions: Please answer using your own words in a minimum of 300, maximum 400 words PER QUESTION SINGLE spaced. Referenced with two (2) peer-reviewed journal articles or qualified text publish within the past five years and follow APA Manual 6th or 7th editions scholarly writing guidelines. When writing replies, please provide your experiences, new ideas, add probing questions and new literature on the topic to enhance the learning opportunity.

  1. Highlighted the importance of communicating disease threats to international authorities.  Based on that how important do you think it is for governments like the United States to support international health organizations for the sake of public health?Pleasereview the article from the link below.


  1. 2. Identify what you believe to be the most pressing issue in public health.  Why is this the most important matter? What do you recommend to address the issue?
  1. What are the International Health Regulations?  How do they apply (or not) to the United States?

You can also use references that you deem fit to answer the questions

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