World Regional Geography.

Your book discusses the importance of the demographic transition. What is the demographic transition, and what are the three stages? How have you seen the demographic transition play out in your own families (think of the number of children for your great grandparents, grandparents, your own parents, and your own plans for children)? Feel free to comment on each others posts (though this is not a requirement for the assignment).  You MUST include a source for your post, at the end of your post, at a minimum the textbook, in proper format, such as the following:

World Regional Geography, 7th ed.  Pulsipher and Pulsipher, Freeman and Company, 2014.  Page XX (or Chapter XX).

Please be clear: “showing up” and leaving a comment is not what I am expecting.  I want this to be in paragraph format, no typographical errors, proper grammar, etc.

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