Which of the tactics should she emphasize?

We watched a video in class that explained how Aristotelian and Ciceronian “propaganda” tactics work. The focus of the video was: A. The Apple campaign for the I-Phone B. The Tourist campaign for Las Vegas C. The Beauty campaign for Dove D. The Australian campaign for Coca-Cola GASC E. The 24-hour Breakfast campaign for McDonalds 40 64. Dana Caldwell, a retail store manager, is assembling the key element of her retail mix. Which of the following is not on that list? A. physical facility B. merchandise mix C. merchandise price D. promotion E. merchandise cost 65. Alyssa Hansen, Marketing Director for Adidas, says she sees serious seasonal sales fluctuations in France, Belgium, and Spain. She does not have that problem in the other 17 European countries where Adidas is selectively distributed. She has the equivalent of $5 million dollars available to commit to her IMC program She could choose any, or all, of the IMC tactics, but which of the following tactics should she emphasize? A. increase television and online advertising frequency B. provide an in-store education program for sellers so as to improve the quality of their sales presentations C. increase billboard reach in major metro areas where there are many sellers D. institute a public relations program than explains why Adidas quality is the highest quality producer E. increase sales promotions in the form of seasonal price discounts.

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