Describe the benefits of using a cartridge recycle service.

Cartridge Recycling at Re-Nu-Cartridge

Elma McDonald works in the Production Department at Re-Nu-Cartridge, a local company that refills ink and toner cartridges for computer printers. Elma’s job is to clean and inspect inkjet and toner cartridges before they are refilled. With the equipment at Re-Nu-Cartridge, Elma can clean several types of common cartridges. However, the company does not have the facilities to clean all types of cartridges, especially less common ones. Several of Re-Nu- Cartridge’s environmentally responsible corporate customers have asked Elma for information about how to recycle cartridges that can’t be refilled. Elma would like you to use the web to research companies that recycle ink and toner cartridges. See if you can find more than one company that offers a cartridge recycling service. Based on your research, write a set of instructions for recycling cartridges. Your documents should be targeted at employees of Re-Nu-Cartridge’s customers (but would probably be useful to anyone who uses printer cartridges). The information sheet should include instructions on how to deliver or ship used cartridges to recycle service centers, details on which cartridges the recyclers will take, where to send the cartridges, information on what the service costs (if anything), a description of the benefits of using a cartridge recycle service, and any other information someone would need to use the recycle services. Follow the guidelines for good technical writing in this chapter to make the recycling instruction sheet an example of your best professional documentation.

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