Create an applicable supporting schedule that provides an example of the adjustments.

Select one of the 5 foreign countries: China, Germany, Japan,Mexico or the UnitedKingdom, and provide a country profilediscussing the topics outlined below. In addition, using EDGAR(, find the non-U.S. GAAP financialstatements for a company from that country. Prepare a 4-5 page analysis of the country you chose discussingthe following: Compare the accounting profession in your selected countryincluding professional conduct rules Identify how the accounting standard are set in that country Identify two financial reporting standards that differ fromthose of U.S. GAAP Identify national characteristics unique to the country thatinfluence accounting For the two financial reporting standards identified in yourpaper, use Excel to create an applicable supporting schedule thatprovides an example of the adjustments that would need to be madeto your foreign company’s financial statements for it to complywith U.S. GAAP.

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