This assignment helps in supplementing the achievement of the following course learning outcomes: • Apply specialised software technologies to perform risk-based scheduling for diverse local and global projects • Analyse and synthesise contemporary research and project management theory and apply qualitative and quantitative risk evaluation methods to complete a risk analysis for complex projects Explain in detail the concept of integration of qualitative and quantitative risks and how the integration process help in achieving project goals? In doing so, explain the role and working of the following two software as well: a) RiskIntegrator b) Primavera Risk Analysis Criteria Mark Conceptual understanding of qualitative and quantitative risk integration 10 Demonstrate understanding of RiskIntegrator 5 Demonstrate understanding of Primavera Risk Analysis 5 Significance of qualitative and quantitative risk integration and how it helps project goals 5 the above is how im going to get marks for this report i have also attached a similar assignment some one else has done but they got 60% for this work i want pass 80% for the work so try match the criteria i have provided

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