Address children behavior when a parent is deployed.

Project, you will comprehensively evaluate an article of your choice that reports on a qualitative study. (Remember, a study that uses qualitative methods utilizes data that is not numerical.) Locate an article in the professional literature that addresses children behavior when a parent is deployed. The article you select should describe a qualitative study and should have all or most of the expected sections, either with their own headings or embedded in the article: Introduction, Literature Review, Methods, Results, and Discussion.

In writing your evaluation of the article, Do not simply tell what is in the article, but evaluate it using the questions in your text. Explain and justify your evaluation based on specific examples from the article. Your paper should be 6 pages (not counting the title, abstract and reference pages) and comprehensively evaluate an article of a qualitative study.
In addition to your 6 page paper, upload a .pdf copy of the article (Save your article)

The following questions may help you in evaluating your articles, though you do not have to follow this format exactly.

I. Evaluate the Introduction and Literature Review.
?Do the researchers present an adequate rationale for conducting the study? Explain.
?What is the significance of the study? What difference will it make to the field?
?Is the literature review thorough and comprehensive?
?Do the researchers demonstrate any potential biases in the literature review?
?Are all important concepts clearly defined by the researchers?
?Do the researchers clearly describe previous methods that are relevant to understanding the purpose for conducting this study?

II. Evaluate the Purpose Statement.
?Does the article clearly state the purpose statement?
?What is the purpose statement as expressed in the article?
?Is the purpose statement clearly based on the argument developed in the literature review?

III. Evaluate the Methods Section.
?Is a particular qualitative research design used (ethnography, case study, etc.)? If so, what is it?
?Is the research design consistent with the purpose presented in the introduction?
?Did the researcher introduce any bias in the procedures used?
?What type of sampling method is used? Is that appropriate?
?Are relevant demographic characteristics of the sample clearly identified?
?Do the methods of sample selection used by the researchers provide a good representative sample, based on the population?
?Are there any apparent biases in selection of the sample?
?Is the sample size large enough for the study proposed?
?What data collection method was used in the study (such as direct observation, interviews, survey)?
?Is there an adequate description of the interview protocol or other instruments used?
?What biases or limitations might there be in the data collection method?

IV. Evaluate the Results Section.
?How were the qualitative data analyzed?
?Is the analysis method clearly described?
?In describing the results, are concrete examples of the data clearly linked to identified themes, concepts, and/or theories? Are these examples adequate?

V. Evaluate the Discussion Section.
?Do the researchers clearly restate the purpose and research questions?
?Do the researchers clearly discuss the implications of the findings and how they relate to theories, other findings, and actual practice?
?Do the researchers identify potential limitations of the study and the results?
?Do the researchers identify possible directions for future research?

For revision:

My instructor stated my Week Four paper is not acceptable. As you noted in the paper abstract, the article you chose to review does not describe a qualitative study.
It is a meta-analysis, a very special kind of study, but not a true qualitative study. As I pointed out in the Week Four Guidance, a meta-analysis is not a suitable study to review for this assignment.

You may rewrite your paper. If you chose to do so, you must submit the revised paper no later than this coming Saturday, October 1. If you chose not to rewrite the paper using an acceptable qualitative study, you will receive a much reduced score on this paper because of its lack of conformance to assignment specifications.

You should also correct some of the errors I found an pointed out in the Week Four paper you submitted, as well as in previous papers.

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