The practice in progressive discipline.

The practice in progressive discipline that is considered a pre-disciplinary step is

a. termination.

b. counseling.

c. written reprimand.

d. advising.

When going through the disciplinary process it is important that the manager is careful not to

a. let them see you sweat.

b. start the disciplinary process too soon.

c. skip any steps in the disciplinary process.

d. all of the above.

Effective methods used to get the employee to improve their performance are

a. counseling and advising.

b. threatening and docking their pay.

c. advising and threatening termination.

d. warning and punishing.

The primary goal of the Progressive Discipline Process is to

a. fire ungrateful and unproductive employees.

b. be a tool to help improve employee performance.

c. protect the company from lawsuits.

d. punish poor performance and reward good performance.


You are the owner of a local three-bay quick oil change location. Your normal hours of operation are 10 A.M.–6 P.M. Monday to Friday and 8 A.M.–4 P.M. Saturdays. In your most recent batch of customer satisfaction surveys you have seen several comments requesting that you stay open until 10 P.M. during the week.

You decide

Do you extend your hours? What information would you need to consider to help you to decide if it is a good business decision?

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