Describe how this product line is successful in these three areas and what they need to do in order to increase profits.

Paul Polman, the new CEO of Unilever, took over when the company was on a downward trend. He implemented the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) to boost sales and increase the popularity of their products. Please evaluate the following three things: A. Looking at the metrics utilized to evaluate their success, and what other companies do in this arena, through your research what changes would you make? B. Through research, Unilever continued to purchase other companies to increase their portfolio, what kind of impact did this have on USLP? C. Looking past the case study, how is USLP today? Has it helped the company or are they still struggling? From page 8 in your case study, Unilever refined their commitments to USLP in 2013. These included: (1) buying items from suppliers that support human rights, (2) improved opportunities for women, and (3) improving the livelihood of entrepreneurs, small farmers, and small retail business. (Bartlett, 2016) A. If you are Unilever, lay out a basic marketing campaign to the public to support these initiatives. B. How have other companies measured success in these areas, and can Unilever utilize the same metrics, why or why not? C. When you look at Unilever’s “Partner to win” philosophy, how would you implement it with the new initiatives outlined above? Your case study discussed Unilever has to “leverage its scale” (Bartlett, 2016, p.9). From an operational point of view, please do the following: A. While Unilever is not number one in their market, where would you start if you were advising Unilever to use its scale first? B. On page 7 of your case study it talks about Unilever “crafting brands for life” (Bartlett, 2016). What other companies have used their scale to implement this philosophy, and how can Unilever do it? C. After reviewing this data, what are three questions you would ask a focus group to improve the vision of Unilever to become more customer focused? (Look at what other companies have done in surveys to garner success) There is always competition in the global market and Unilever is no different. Please do the following from research, and information in the case study: A. Are there products Unilever should divest from in order to be more profitable, or have a more market friendly appearance? This can be from a profit perspective, USLP perspective, etc. B. Again, from your research and the case study, are there product areas where they should try to expand to be more competitive? C. From exhibit 3, looking at their business model, pick one product line that fulfills Unilever’s core purpose, key inputs, and how they drive profit. Describe how this product line is successful in these three areas and what they need to do in order to increase profits. As always make sure to support with outside research in addition to your textbook and case studies.

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