Develop a detailed proposal to enhance software.

SimCity is an online game that lets you design your own city… develop a detailed proposal that outlines the various ways in which the SimCity software could be enhanced to more realistically portray local political structure and organization of government, as well as the urban problems addressed by planners. The objective is to develop a proposal that clearly outlines how SimCity can move away from fantasy and closer to realism. The wicked nature of planning problems ? The controversial nature of planning decisions ? The common structure of municipal government in the US and the role of mayors ? The use (and modification) of zoning and other land use controls ? Restrictions on government takings and the use of eminent domain ? Sources of revenue for local government (including taxes, bonds, and other sources) ? The provision of public services and infrastructure ? The role of private stakeholders in land use and planning decision-making ? Factors affecting economic growth or decline ? Strategies and tools for driving local economic development ? Strategies for promoting home ownership and supporting low-income housing ? Strategies for handling urban transportation needs and dealing with their impacts ? Environmental problems and strategies for regulating these issues ? Strategies for growth management and the protection of critical areas Also review the study guide, as well as the PowerPoints, for ideas on how well SimCity does or does not represent reality. Designing RealiCity Now that you have considered the various ways in which the game attempts to simulate real life, as well as its various limitations, it is time to propose your own “improved” version of the game: RealiCity Using the various strengths and weaknesses youve identified from the list above, craft a detailed proposal that covers each of these categories, as well as any other enhancements you feel should be made to the game. The primary objective for this project is to develop a proposal for a game that would simulate urban reality as closely as possible. You do not need to worry about how the game would be technically “programmed” (assume that those skills are available). You do, however, need to clearly describe how the game would be “played” with your proposed improvement made. Here is an example: Lets say you want to include the option to designate a district for tax increment financing (TIF). In your proposal, you would explain how the player would create such a TIF designation, and how the game would then simulate what would occur in a TIF in real life. Your final proposal for your RealiCity game will be graded on the following three criteria: ? How well did you recognize the various ways in which SimCity does not accurately reflect reality? ? How well did you identify missing elements of reality that could be incorporated into the game? ? How well did you incorporate the elements in a way that truly reflects the reality of city structure? There is no page limit for this project, as your assessment of the game and proposal for enhancements should be as detailed as possible, while still being clear, concise, and to-the-point Put in mind that i cannot provide the writer with the power point and they are not important. try to not be too detailed.

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