Case: Trader Joe’s , Case : The Heinz and Kraft merger.

Answer the case questions

please read the case and answer the questions

please no plagiarism

1. first case : The Heinz and Kraft merger

question: What do you think about the valuation of the deal? (write about 5~6 sentences, one paragraph )

2 second case: Trader Joe’s

How would you modify Trader Joe’s strategy moving forward? (write about 5~ 6 sentences, one paragraph )

hi, please write it with simple way (high school level )


You need to post two discussion and more than 300 words each.

In this module we focus on power within complex/formal organizations but from your reading of Weber, you should recognize that power is perhaps better expressed through a leader’s cultivation of authority. In your response, first distinguish between power and authority and then discuss how legal rational authority, coupled with bureaucratic structure, helps organizations and organizational leaders become more effective. Finally, discuss how you think power may be effectively applied by conveying your understanding of influence and the types of power discussed in my notes from Hall’s chapter.

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