Leadership Philosophy Based on your aspirations and interests

Leadership Philosophy Based on your aspirations and interests, list five professional career goals you would like to accomplish as they relate to your aspirations of becoming a Health Informatics & Information Management professional. Start with the small goals and gradually move to larger goals. Creating goals leads to identifying the various steps and processes necessary to accomplish each goal. In addition, it also offers the opportunity for self-reflection. Dig back into previous work experiences and/or current work experiences, whether good or bad and create your leadership philosophy.

Your leadership philosophy shall consist between two (2) – three (3) pages. Within your philosophy, be sure to address the following items listed below. Personal values such as honesty, commitment, respect for others Description of how you will carry out your responsibilities What your priorities are What you expect of your colleagues and staff and how you will evaluate them What your colleagues and staff can expect of you Your connection to at least one (1) leadership theory Resources:

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