What is a philosophy?

1. What is a philosophy?

2. Why does a person need a philosophy?

3. What are some of the philosophies or philosophical principles associated with the notion of “health”?

1. Why is it important to have a personal philosophy about life?

2. Compare and contrast the value of having a personal life philosophy and an occupational life philosophy that are similar.

1. How will adopting any of the health education/promotion philosophies impact the way health education specialists approach their job?

2. Define each of the following and explain their relationship to one another.

• Philosophy

• Wellness

• Holistic

• Symmetry

1. What philosophical viewpoints related to health education/promotion do some of the past and current leading health education specialists hold?

2. How is a philosophy developed?

3. What are the predominant philosophies used in the practice of health education/promotion today

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