Brand Analysis Brief.

CB-Brand Analysis Brief

CB-Brand Analysis assignment is designed to allow you to develop through researching a practically orientated project. This assessment offers the opportunity for you to tap into different aspects of the concepts and theories covered in the unit on an applied basis to develop a deeper understanding of key areas of consumer behaviour related to marketing a brand and the marketing management implications associated with it. You will write a report of 3000 words +/- 10% (references are not to be included in the word count).


Assessment requirements

You will choose a brand from the list provided which you can find and collect brand-related information (e.g. advertisements, news/business articles, and websites). After careful analysis of the brand’starget market segment(s) and current marketing practices, you must then describe the areas in which the use of 2 (maximum 3) consumer behaviour theories/concepts have been applied to market the chosen brand by the company/organisation. The key is to identify how the company marketing the chosen brand are attempting to influence, modify or impact the consumers’ decision-making and behaviour using specific consumer behaviour theory. You must reinforce your discussion with clear evidence (i.e. scholarly articles) that support, explain and critique consumer behaviour theory within the brand information that you have collected.


Report development

You must do two things in order to successfully complete the report. First, you must become familiar with the various consumer behaviour theories and concepts covered in the unit and choose and critically discuss 2 (or 3) specific theories and/or concepts that are later linked to a practical case of how a company uses them to market its product/service brand. Second, you must analyse and critique the actions of this particular brand and recognise when these actions illustrate the use of a consumer behaviour theory and concepts. This requires extensive research and analysis into the brand. A deep understanding of the chosen brand is required so that you can identify how consumer behaviour concepts have been applied in its marketing.


The topic is as follows

You are required to choose a brand from the list provided below and describe the areas in which consumer behaviour theory and concepts are applied. Your focus should be on choosing a product that interests you and which you can find information. Analyse and discuss the theory and concepts and their practical application. Discuss how and why they are applied and the results you believe occur from their application.


  • Whiskas (Cat food)
  • Lynx (Grooming)
  • Zara (Clothing)
  • Mazda (Auto)
  • Jurlique (Skincare)
  • OGX (Haircare)
  • Cascade (Beverage)
  • Liveat (Food)
  • Cancer Council (Sunscreen)


You are required to describe the marketing strategy problem, identify and discuss the specific consumer behaviour issues / problems inherent in that problem. You should also analyse the consumer behaviour issues and make recommendations for marketing strategies for the product. The key is to identify how the firms marketing the product are attempting to influence, modify or impact the consumers’ behaviour using specific consumer behaviour theory. This may also be achieved by writing your report based on a collage of individually nominated print advertisements that depict a particular consumer behaviour theme or topic within an industry. If you choose this approach, you are expected to critique identified advertisements by discussing how they use the theory and how effectively they reflect the relevant theoretical concept being applied. This should discuss how the concepts associated with the topic chosen, are used / misused or could be better used in advertisements that the industry adopts to influence consumers. The report should include a discussion of the relevant theoretical concepts. (Please note that simple regurgitation of the text book theory is not acceptable).



The assessment will be based on your ability to clearly explain the consumer behaviour theory and concepts discussed. Don’t just describe, you must analyse, discuss and evaluate your ideas. You need to bring in theory and show how the theory is applied with what effect in the marketing of the brand. Your discussion must be supported with clear evidence that explains, supports and critiques consumer behaviour theory within the marketing components that you choose.


Suggested format of report:

  1. Brand Overview – this should be a brief introduction that details the background of the firm/organisation, and the brand and product category chosen.


This introduction (approximately 200 to 300 words) details the background to the firm, its products and brand(s), and some critical environmental and competitive factors that interact with consumer behaviour related to the product category.



  1. The Target Market– this requires you to identify and describe the target market in detail. You are expected to use multiple segmentation variables to understand the target market of the brand, and present a comprehensive description of the target market (approximately 200 to 300 words).


  1. Identification and Major Impacts of Relevant Theories/Concepts – this requires you to consider specific major impacts of consumer behaviour theory and concepts on the particular brand which you have chosen. This element has three (3) specific components. First, you need to analyse which consumer behaviour theories are relevant and how and why they are. Within this part you need to discuss the theory and/or concepts you identify using relevant literature (approximately 800 to 1000 words). Second, you need to demonstrate how (show practically) the firm applies the theory and/or concepts in marketing the brand. This requires you to accurately analyse, discuss and explain the practical application of the theory/concept by the firm to market the brand. In essence you must relate the theory and concept chosen to practical issues for the chosen brand’s marketing (approximately 1000 to 1200 words). Third, discuss the results and benefits that you believe the firms obtain from using the specific consumer behaviour theories and concepts you identify (approximately 200 to 300 words). Examples of theory/concepts include brand personality, involvement theory, consumer personality, self-concept, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, appraisal theory, social class, cultural value and so forth. Limit the identification of specific consumer behaviour theories to 2 (maximum 3) in your discussion.


  1. Future Trends – this is an important component of understanding and explaining how theory and application may impact on consumers’ behaviour and also how consumers’ behaviour may influence marketing practice. Looking into the future, describe the trends in consumer behaviour in your chosen product category and how this understanding may impact the product category and how they market their offering (approximately 200 to 300 words).


  1. References – scholarly marketing journals, periodicals, newspapers, annual reports and textbooks are required to provide theoretical and practical support in the report. Please do not contact any firms associated with the brand chosen, you are to use secondary resources only.


The marking criteria for this assessment is available on MyLO.


Assignment presentation requirements

The ability to present a well formatted and edited piece of work is an essential graduate attribute for business students. As such, you are expected to prepare and present your work in a professional manner. Attention to basic elements of expression – spelling, punctuation, and grammar is essential.


  • All pages of your assignment should be numbered appropriately.
  • You must use descriptive subheadings throughout your report
  • Fully justify your text.
  • Use 12 (font size) Times New Roman, 2.5cm margins all sides and 1.5 spacing. Tables and diagrams need to be single spaced, 10 fonts.
  • Tables, figures, pictures need to be labelled appropriately and referred to in the body of the report.


This brief can be used as a template to help format your assignment.


Note that it is your responsibility to keep a copy of each assessment task that is submitted.

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