The Role of Equity in Human Motivation and Workplace Behaviour.

Your boss just came back from an international management conference and is keen to learn more about the application of people management theories and concepts in organizations. Over lunch, he asked you to prepare a report on “The role of equity in human motivation and workplace behavior.” Since he knows you are enrolled in a Human Behaviour in Organisations program, he requested that the Report contain the latest research on the subject matter.

The Report that he requests you to write includes the following parameters:

• Write a mini literature review (2,000 words maximum) on The Role of Equity in Human Motivation and Workplace Behaviour so that you will be able to demonstrate your understanding and appreciation of the subject.

The number of articles to examine is FOUR (4).

• (a) each selected article must not be less than 2,000 words; and (b) the article must not be published before 2010.

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