Research findings describing the industry



The goal of this assignment is to learn more about the industry (e.g., accounting, business, policing, hairstyling, etc.) in which you are seeking a career or one that you are interested in learning more about. You will apply Internet research skills in writing a reportof your findings.


You will complete an industry analysis report for your chosen career path/field of interest. The report should be no more than 2000 words, single-spaced, 12” font. Separate your report into sections and sub-sections using headings. APA in-text citation and referencing applies and your sources are to be cited and referenced.

The report must include:

  1. An introductionthat provides an overview of the chosen industry and states the reportobjective (see FAQ and exemplars in IAR folder in Additional Resources)
  2. A discussionsection separated into appropriate sub-sections with research findings describing the industry, identifying labour marketinformationand presenting an environmental scan. (Labour Market information includes job prospects, wages, etc. The point of an environmental scan is to apply the information (a PESTLE or SWOT analysis can be used) to your ability to find and keep a job in that industry. You may need to research examples in order to determine the relevant information to include in your own report.) This is NOT a copy and paste exercise. Analysis of findings is required.
  3. A summarythat synthesizes your findings and relates them to yourcareer objectives
Part A: Introduction states report objective and provides industry overview 2
Part B: Findings describe industry briefly, include a labour market analysis and environmental scan using adequate detail 6
Part C: Summary synthesizes research findings and relates them to your career objectives 2
Vocabulary and Language: Uses a diverse and sophisticated range of technical terms in accurate sentences; evaluative language used throughout 2
Paragraphs and Format: Clear paragraphing and report structure; appropriate separation into sections with headings used throughout 1
Sentence Structure, Spelling and Punctuation: controlled and well-developed sentences, correct spelling, appropriate punctuation 2
Citations/Reference List:  In-text citations are properly formatted and lead reader to reference page; reference page is included and correct 5
Grade 20


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