What is the objective function?

Mojitos PR Inc. produces two types of bottled margaritas: Regular (A) and Premium (B). The company can only get 300 bottles of Commercial Tequila per week and 200 bottles of Aged Tequila per week. Each bottle of Regular margarita requires 12 ounces of Commercial Tequila and 4 ounces of Aged Tequila, while a bottle of Premium margarita uses 8 ounces of each type of tequila. Profits for the Regular margarita are $2.00 per bottle, and profits for the Premium margarita are $1.00 per bottle. The goal of Mojitos PR, Inc. is to maximize profits. What is the objective function?

P = A + 2B.
P = 12A + 8B.
P = 2A + B.
P = 8A + 12B.
P = 4A + 8B.
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