Which negotiation strategy is being used in the given case?

Negotiation strategies:. – Accommodate – Avoid -Competing -Collaborating

Which negotiation strategy is being used in the given case? And by whom?

(answer based on case )

Two neighbors lived in a house, above and below each other. Because of the way the building was designed. Noise was a problem. Ø Mr. Sharif had a young daughter who was regularly woken up by music and other sounds coming from his neighbor, Mr. Rabiul's, upstairs flat. For a year, he often complained to Mr. Rabiul, who said that he tried not to make too much noise. He also said that she heard endless Wiggles videos and his daughter screaming but tolerated it.

One night, during dinner with friends, Mr. Rabiul heard a loud banging on his door and opened it to find Mr. Sharif angry and abusive about the noise. Mr. Rabiul found his neighbor’s behavior intimidating. So, he went to police station to file a complaint to stop Mr. Sharif from further any negative action.Mr. Sharif was shocked to find that Amanda had applied for an intervention order against him. So, Mr. Sharif wanted to come in a negotiation with Mr. Rabiul to get free from this situation.

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