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 Watch the below video session. And respond to the following questions in a single, double-spaced page paper (Times New Roman, 12pt. font).  (300 Words)

Ignore the 7-second delay at the start of the video.

1. Identify a policy, that is important to you. (Can be the policy you are using for the paper in this class)

2. Try and attach a policy Entrepreneur (Formal or Informal) to the policy

3. Discuss the narrative that the policy entrepreneur uses to discuss the policy

4. Discuss why the narrative speaks to the/your brain (use this article to help you

https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/how_stories_change_ (Links to an external site.)brain (Links to an external site.))

5. Seeing the value of a Narrative, discuss what you think is more important, the policy narrative or the policy entrepreneur. Do you have to have both? Explain.

6. How does the impact of the narrative or the entrepreneur impact the problem definition?

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