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Recall Anthony, the 12-year-old in the opening scenario, who is newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. His glucose is now stabilized and he is receiving basal-bolus insulin therapy. Anthony is learning to check his own serum glucose and demonstrates the correct technique. He states that he is afraid of giving himself a “shot” and becomes anxious when he receives injections. Anthony will soon be discharged from the hospital and will receive further diabetes education on an outpatient basis. Anthony’s parents are eager to learn about caring for him, but express concerns now that he will not be able to participate in sports activities as he has in the past.

1.Considering Anthony’s age and developmental level, how will the nurse explain type 1 diabetes to Anthony?

2. How will the nurse address Anthony’s reluctance to selfadminister his insulin? What are some potential causes of Anthony’s reluctance?

3. What skills must Anthony’s parents demonstrate prior to his discharge from the hospital?

4. What will the nurse explain to Anthony and his parents regarding activity, exercise, and participation In sports?


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