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Prepare a discussion paper on a chapter of Rawls’s book A Theory of Justice. Work with the assigned student to complete your paper.

  • –Critically engage with Rawl’s book
  • Evaluate your chapter in a similar manner as the blog but write more formally, and be prepared to include approx 5 – 6 references from your reading.
  • –No more than 1000 words
  • –You will be asked to speak to the class about the chapter you have prepared, and be able to offer them a comprehensive understanding of the chapter.
  • –Be prepared collectively, following each presentation, to conduct a student lead conversation for 20 minutes on the content of the book, evaluating its value and contribution to our understanding of social justice.

–Submit your paper via the Turnitin link by 5 pm prior to the Residential Day & circulate to class.

Structure of Assignment:

(this is an approximate outline but you are free to adopt your own to meet the rubric).

  • •200 words – Introduction and overview of chapter
  • •200 words – discuss key ideas, and themes in the chapter
  • •200 words – develop your analysis around one or two points central to the chapter
  • •200 words – relationship of chapter to the rest of the work
  • •200 words – your view of the chapter and work
  • •Footnotes/bibliography
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