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DO NOT copy/paraphrase the abstract


Computer science

– The summary must be your own understanding of the paper.


Your summary needs to explicitly address the following aspects:


IMPORTANT :All writing in the summary should be your own . There should be no verbatimcopying or simple rephrasing/paraphrasing of the abstract or other sentences of the paper,since this does not contribute to the learning goal of this assignment.


Submission instructions Your summary should be short and on point. As a result, it should not exceed a single page in 11pt size since the reason behind this assignment is to learn how to abstract away technical concepts into a higher level of description.


  1. What is the problem the paper is solving? Clearly articulate what is the problem or

problems this paper is solving. It always helps to phrase this as “Give [X] compute [Y]

such that [W] is satisfied” or an equivalent structure.


  1. What is the main insight in the solution? Clearly but succinctly describe what are the main

insights in the solution. This can be in part described in the introduction where the authors talk

about their contributions and in detail described in the method section. Do not add

equations unless necessary. Instead, describe in words what the main innovation

and insight in the solution is.


  1. In what ways was the proposed method better than state-of-the-art? How is the paper

doing things better? Is it fixing something explicitly that was “wrong” in previous works? Is it

combining the best of a few earlier works?


  1. Summary of results Here you should summarize the main results of the paper: does it show

that the proposed method is faster/more accurate/something else than state of the art? Are the

experiments convincing?

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