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You are a reviewer for the Montclair Legal Book Review a/k/a Corpus Juris Absurdum Ad Infinitum. You have been assigned to review Anthony Lewis’s book, Freedom For the Thought That We Hate. However, space in this week’s edition is limited so your editor has allotted you only about 0 800 words or 3 double spaced pages.

You’re sweating this one out as your editor is a hard case, keen on not just content but style and grammar as well. You are concerned – and you should be- last assignment he redlined you all over the place so you want to get it right this time. You put on your thinking cap- maybe you should have a copy of Strunk and White, Elements of Style in your library. You may also want to check out some links on how to write a book review.[1] Yes, that sounds like a good idea. Now take a deep breath, no hyperventilating and get some advice from those in the know

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