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• Use the annual Financial Statements (Income Statement and Balance Sheet) of Alphabet from Canvas under “Assignments” then “Case Study” for the two most recent years. Some balance sheet items for 2017 are also needed for calculating averages for ratio analysis; • Calculate trend analysis (horizontal analysis) by comparing 2019 to 2018 for each of the income statement and balance sheet items of Alphabet (only show percentage changes such as +5.7% or −12.3%.); • Calculate a common-size (vertical analysis) for each of the income statement and balance sheet items of Alphabet for the most recent year (2019); • Calculate all the ratios*** (except Earnings per share) found in Chapter 9 PowerPoint slides under the following headings, for the two most recent years (2019 and 2018): o Liquidity Ratios (6 ratios; current ratio, quick ratio, accounts receivable turnover, average days to collect receivables, inventory turnover, average days to sell inventory) o Solvency Ratios (2 ratios; debt to assets ratio, debt to equity ratio) o Profitability Ratios (3 ratios; net margin, return on investment, return on equity) o Stock Market Ratios (1 ratio; price-earnings ratio) • Answer the question (one to two pages): would you invest in Alphabet? Why or why not based upon your calculations [provide sufficient evidence (such as ratios are improving/deteriorating and/or better/worse than the “rule of thumb” standard, etc.) to support your decision]. ***Students must show detailed calculations for all the ratios for the most recent year (2019) {e.g., accounts receivable turnover = net credit sales / average accounts receivable = $161,857 / [($21,193 + $27,492) / 2] = 6.65 for 2019} to ensure that they are not simply copying them from a website. Title Page ​Table of Contents ​Introduction (a short paragraph about what your case study is about) Analyses (horizontal, vertical and ratio) Decision/Conclusion

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