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This course requires you to complete a term paper—an essential element of any educational experience that will aid your academic development. In particular, you will become more proficient in critical reading, summarizing and integrating research findings, in-depth analysis and understanding of a specific topic, and objective academic writing. Guidelines for writing the paper and a list of possible topics are provided below.

Before you begin to write your term paper, you must submit a proposal or outline (1-2 pages) for approval. There are two reasons for doing this. First, preparing an outline will help you to identify your objectives and organize them in a cohesive and thematic fashion. Second, the proposal allows your tutor to consider your management of the topic and make suggestions before you begin to write. While you may not have acquired all your references at this point, it is recommended that you include the ones you have or intend to obtain. If necessary, your tutor can help you to expand some of your points, add additional references, reorganize the outline, or develop it further. If major changes are required or your outline has major omissions, your tutor may ask you to submit a new outline. The outline may be produced in point form, and can be submitted as an email message.

The Paper

As Psychology 435 is a senior-level course, it is assumed that most students are experienced at writing term papers. Students who are unsure of their writing ability should ask their tutor for assistance and for reference to helpful materials. Review the Resources section on the main course page for further guidance with research and to help you with the course in general.

The term paper should be approximately 3000 to 5000 words in length (i.e., 10 to 18 double-spaced pages).



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