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Impact of Child Abuse and Neglect.
Zeanah, Charles H., and Kathryn L. Humphreys. “Child abuse and neglect.”
Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 57.9
(2018): 637-644.
Through his book, Zeanah gives an analysis of how both physical and emotional
abuse of children in a society contributes to the increasing cases of
psychopathology and other medical challenges encountered by medics in various
clinical settings. Zeanah illustrates how neglect and abuse of children’s rights pose
challenges to clinicians and medics in health institutions as a result of various
family forces that overwhelm such children. He tries to explain how it involves and
time-consuming to assess cases of maltreated children as compared to evaluating
cases of children who had no earlier cases of maltreatment. Zeanah offers an
honest analysis of how most children suffering from maltreatment pose complex
assessment. Children with a high rate of maltreatment have high chances of
presenting complex assessments to clinicians since they depend a lot on their
caregiving backgrounds. Zeanah advises that clinicians need to understand various
systems of child protection to advocate for the interest of the maltreated children
effectively. Psychopathology of childhood maltreatment is a multimodal activity
that requires or demands, taking into consideration several factors that could be the
Afifi, Tracie O., et al. “Child abuse and physical health in adulthood.” Health
reports 27.3 (2016): 10.
Afiti’s book analyses the relationship that exists between child abuse and mental
health. The writer discusses three major types or categories of child abuse which
include physical abuse, sexual abuse and partner violence. Afiti’s book categorizes
physical abuse as a situation where a child is slapped on his or her face, being
grabbed or shoved, being kicked or even burned. In the process, Afiti depicts
sexual abuse as the act of an adult, forcing a child into sexual activity by
threatening her or him. The writer also depicts sexual abuse as unwarranted
touching, kissing a child without his or her consent. Exposure to a lot of violent
activities, including allowing a child to see adults who may include parents or
guardians fighting and hitting each other at home may cause mental problems to
those children. Afiti gives an honest analysis of some of the mental disorders that
would result from abusing children either physically or mentally. Some of the
disorders outlined by Afiti in her book are depression, anxiety disorder, drug or
alcohol abuse as well as bipolar disorder. Afiti advises that preventing child abuse
in the society would have impacts in reducing challenges that are related to mental
health problems leading to good health conditions of those children.
Bywaters, Paul, et al. “The relationship between poverty, child abuse and
neglect: an evidence review.” York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation (2016).
Bywaters’s book indicates that there is a strong relationship between poverty
within a family setup and suffering, neglect and abuse that children in those
families go through. The low economic status of parents in a family setup can
make them to neglect and abuse their children’s rights. In his book, Bywaters
indicates that both material hardships and stress of parents has significant impacts
on how these parents treat their children. Most factors that contribute to poverty in
society are circular and recurrent. Poverty in society raises the danger of mental
illnesses which in return increases that chances of those family members being
poor. In the process, the book identifies poverty as the main cost of child abuse in
society. For example, child abuse cost the US economy approximately five billion
dollars per year. Most of the factors that contributed to this high cost of poverty are
treatment and criminal justice processes that result after children are abused in
Van der Kolk, Bessel A. “This issue: child abuse & victimization.”
Psychiatric Annals 35.5 (2017): 374-378.
Bessel’s book identifies abuse of children as the most significant health challenge
that the country faces. Chronic abuse and mistreatment of children at their tender
age have acute impacts on the development of the children’s mind and brains.
Brain trauma leads to subsequent stress to children increasing their chances of
seeking medication, correctional and other mental health services. Bessel’s gives a
rough estimate of the cases of child abuse and maltreatment in the US.
According to his estimates, more than three million children in the US suffer from
abuse and neglect either from their parents or relatives. A huge chunk of these
maltreatments takes the form of community violence and loss of primary care
during their childhood. These maltreatments makes child abuse to be a critical and
serious public health challenge. In the process, Bessel’s indicates that child abuse
and neglect in the US amounts to more than twenty-five billion dollars annually.
Mostly, this huge cost results from hospitalization of abused children, treatment of
mental health problems, welfare services accorded to these children and expenses
of the judicial process to enforce law and order to safeguard the rights of these
Kisely, Steve, et al. “Child maltreatment and mental health problems in
adulthood: birth cohort study.” The British Journal of Psychiatry 213.6
(2018): 698-703.
Kisely retrospective book associates and relates child abuse and psychiatric illness
during their adulthood. In the process of his study and analysis, Kisely uses a
sample of substantiated child abuse that included emotional abuse, physical abuse,
neglect and sexual abuse. Kisely’s book identifies anxiety and stress disorder as the
major effects or impacts among adults that resulted from abuse and neglect during
their childhood. Most of the adults who suffered abuse at their childhood show a
consistent mental disorder in their life. Kisely concludes by indicating that most
children who experience more than one form of maltreatment are at a high risk of
suffering from a mental disorder at their adulthood.

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