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Please note that while a program (the Permanency Support Program) that is currently specific to

NSW is present within this case, all the other Australian states are paying careful attention to the

new model of service delivery that it represents. The drivers of this model apply Australia-wide,

and it is not unlikely that similar models will be adopted in other states in future.

Sylvia is an experienced case-worker in an out-of-home care (OOHC) agency in a NSW regional

area. The agency is working under the NSW Government’s Permanency Support Program. This

program was developed in response to the serious consequences for children who ‘drift’ in

care over many years, and has as a goal to place children in a permanent home within 2 years


It is April, 2020. Sylvia is working with a family where both parents had experienced long-term

and complex trauma prior to their interaction with the child protection system. Genuine

attempts at family preservation were made, with intensive support received, but concern for

the child’s safety remained. As a result, the parents agreed to Laney, the only child in their

family, who was then aged 3 years and 1 month, being placed in OOHC in April 2019. Since she

was placed in OOHC, Laney has been cared for by a stable foster carer for 1 year to date.

Her parents have scheduled contact with Laney and they very much want her restored to their

care. However, due to broader resourcing issues within the social welfare and health systems,

they are having difficulty accessing the services and supports they need to provide a safe

home for her. Sylvia has done her best to assist Laney’s parents in seeking the services and

supports that they need, but the systemic under-resourcing is well beyond her control. Sylvia

does not believe that Laney will be able to be restored to her parents’ care within the 2 year

timeframe but the parents are consistently motivated and Sylvia feels that over a longer

period, restoration may be possible.

The Permanency Support Program policy places Sylvia’s agency under pressure to meet the 2

year permanency time-frame and her manager is strongly committed to this timeframe. Sylvia

has to make a choice, knowing the impact on children in the OOHC system, as well as knowing

the likely impact of the further trauma of permanently losing the care of their child on the

parents’ own lives.


Charles Sturt University Subject Outline

SWK423 202060 W D

Version 1 – Published 29 June 2020

Page 9 of 23

Should Sylvia make the case to her manager that in this case, Laney should spend a longer

period in foster care in order to hold open for all family members the possibility of restoration?

Or should Sylvia go ahead with seeking alternative permanency options for Laney by April

2021, within the prescribed time-frame of 2 years from Laney’s entry into the OOHC system?

You may structure your assignment in the way that works best for what you have to say – but

each of the elements of the task below must be covered:

  • Explain the ethical theories of utilitarianism and deontology, as well as the four

principles of service

  • Apply these ethical theories and principles to the two options facing Sylvia. Your

application of the theories and principles will be supported by your understanding of

relevant details of the Permanency Support Program (PSP), including the drivers for it,

and the implications of its stronger and weaker points for this practice case.

  • Use ethical reasoning to argue for the choice that Sylvia should make. (Your

assignment must make clear which choice you believe is the best one in this situation,

and why you believe this is the best choice, all things considered.)

Your assignment must be well presented and appropriately researched. A minimum of 8

reliable sources must be cited, and these must include both SWK423 textbooks, module 1, and

at least one prescribed reading. A reference list must be included and both the citations and

reference list must be formatted following APA7 style.

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